Hyde Bark

Hyde Bark took place on Sunday the 5th of July and it was a really lovely event and for such a wonderful charity, The Mayhew Animal Home. There were several different all day activities such as the Halo Dogs Agility and Temptation Alley, which was designed to test the willpower of your pooch, absolutely hilarious viewing! It was also surrounded by some great shopping stalls (our favourites were Holly & Lil, HOWND, Pooch & Mutt and All Dogs Matter). Throughout the day there were dog shows, the Happily Homed Parade, with so many inspiring stories, a sponsored dog walk and various talks. Sadly we did not make it there in time to register for any of the shows but Winston certainly made it his mission to meet every single dog there! We would really recommend this event to everyone next year. and here are a few of my photographs from the day.HydeBark-Rachel-Oates-1 HydeBark-Rachel-Oates-2 HydeBark-Rachel-Oates-4 HydeBark-Rachel-Oates-5 HydeBark-Rachel-Oates-6 HydeBark-Rachel-Oates-7 HydeBark-Rachel-Oates-8 HydeBark-Rachel-Oates-9 HydeBark-Rachel-Oates-10 HydeBark-Rachel-Oates-11 HydeBark-Rachel-Oates-12Just over a month ago I started up the Instagram account @UKDogsOfInsta where we feature and search for all the UK dogs of Instagram as well as events, shops and daycares to help make, grow and connect a very doggy community! From doing this I ended up finding Frida the Grenchie (@FridaGrenchie) and her mum Growlmama (@Growlmama) and instantly fell in love with Frida’s unconventional beauty and Growlmama’s awesome Instagram feed! And since Frida is pretty recognisable I spotted them at Hyde Bark! Long story short, Winston has a new girl crush, I always knew he had good taste. And we’re looking forward to seeing them again soon!HydeBark-Rachel-Oates-13 HydeBark-Rachel-Oates-14 HydeBark-Rachel-Oates-15