South East Corgi Meet Up

Corgi-SE-Meetup-Rachel-Oates-1Here’s a little throwback to the last UK Corgi Club meet up that we could make, sadly some have been in slightly more difficult areas for us to get to than others. So in South East London we met in Crystal Palace Park and a lot of fun was had by all Corgis involved!

Winston even fell a little bit in love with an absolute cutie called Molly. We hilariously watched him try and try again to get her to like him. Persistence is key…Corgi-SE-Meetup-Rachel-Oates-2 Corgi-SE-Meetup-Rachel-Oates-3 Corgi-SE-Meetup-Rachel-Oates-4 Corgi-SE-Meetup-Rachel-Oates-5 Corgi-SE-Meetup-Rachel-Oates-6 Corgi-SE-Meetup-Rachel-Oates-7“When you go in for a kiss but the girl gives you her cheek”