The London Pet Show

These are some of my photographs from The London Pet Show. Last year I brought my boyfriend with me to the show to meet the Pembroke Welsh Corgis when we were still deciding on a breed, but sadly this year there weren’t any! Which is such a shame for a breed that is on the Kennel Club watch list. However highlights include an inspiring talk from The Supervet, jumping racing rabbits, dancing dogs, a Scrufts heat, pampered cats, reptiles and so many gorgeous dogs.

London-Pet-Show-2015-RachelOates-1 London-Pet-Show-2015-RachelOates-2 London-Pet-Show-2015-RachelOates-3 London-Pet-Show-2015-RachelOates-4 London-Pet-Show-2015-RachelOates-5 London-Pet-Show-2015-RachelOates-6 London-Pet-Show-2015-RachelOates-7 London-Pet-Show-2015-RachelOates-8