Epping Forest

Winston-Rachel-Oates-EppingForest-1Living in East London we are really lucky that Epping Forest is only a short train journey away. It’s absolutely huge, roughly 6,000 acres, with woodland, rivers, ponds, grassland but watch out for a few very disgusting bogs that we accidently walked into, nearly losing a shoe and half a puppy!Winston-Rachel-Oates-EppingForest-2We love exploring all the different areas and we’ve always managed to meet some sweet pups along the way. My partner and I first took Winston to Epping Forest when he was a really small puppy to practice his recall, we went into the middle of the forest away from any main roads to spaces without too many other distractions. He did incredibly well and I was so proud of him. However the only consideration when going to Epping is that there are lots of horses around. The first time Winston spotted three horses coming towards us he bolted and we nearly had a very embarrassing “Fenton” moment!Winston-Rachel-Oates-EppingForest-3Winston-Rachel-Oates-EppingForest-4 Winston-Rachel-Oates-EppingForest-6Winston-Rachel-Oates-EppingForest-5 Winston-Rachel-Oates-EppingForest-7These photographs are from our second time at Epping Forest last weekend and we’re looking forward to visiting again during the summer time. I would always recommend a trip to Epping it really is a wonderful escape from the urban busy landscape of central London.