Paw Print

One of my favourite blogs to read is Pretty Fluffy, I adore their DIY & Tutorials section and was inspired to try the Paw Print Wall Art project with Winston. I covered the entire floor with paper just incase of any accidents! The only easily washable paint colours I have are white, black or red, so I chose to use the black paint on white paper. I had to try quite a few times but luckily Winston was really relaxed about the whole situation and a few treats as a distraction helped!

Winston-Rachel-Oates-blog-20 Winston-Rachel-Oates-blog-19Winston-Rachel-Oates-blog-21Winstons-Paws1

Winston-Rachel-Oates-blog-25PrettyFluffy put their print directly into a frame but I decided to edit it in photoshop to clean up any mess around the paw print and to have more colour options. I can’t wait to print off one of these to hang above my work space, I’ll add another photo once it’s done. This is such a great idea for anyone looking to make their own personal art prints and it’s really simple to do too! These could easily be made into greeting cards, labels or even stickers if you wanted to.

Why are dog paws so sweet and addictive?!