Winston and Friends: Harvey

Winston and Friends will be a little category of posts about all the gorgeous pups Winston decides he really likes.



During our Christmas holidays we bumped into the incredible Harvey, a Leonberger, on a visit up to Lincoln where my partner’s family are from. They were so sweet together and for such a big dog he was so gentle with Winston. His owner said most dogs were too intimidated to approach him but little brave Winston did not let Harvey’s size stop him wrestling until they were both too tired to carry on.

Interestingly Leonbergers were bred by Heinrich Essig, who was the mayor of Leonberg in Germany, in 1846 to honour the town. As a mix of a Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland and longhaired Saint Barnard, they were bred to especially resemble the lion on the town crest. And believe it or not Harvey was only 11 months old!