Winston and Friends: Our first corgi play date

Winston-Corgimeetup-RO-7A while ago we met Leo and Marcel on our first ever corgi play date at the Paddington Recreation Grounds. This park was chosen because they have dog excerise fenced areas, which is quite rare in London. It meant these gorgeous pups could run around freely without us worrying that they could run off. Also Winston being a lot younger back then we were still working on his recall!



Leo is an adopted corgi based in northern England, it was so sweet for him and his family to make the journey down to London. You can find him on Instagram as @leonardo_the_corgi and he has his own tumblr.

Marcel is a London based fluffy corgi, barking in both English and French! He’s on Instagram as @marcel.lecorgi and he’s on Facebook too!


Another UK Corgi meet up has been arranged for the 7th of March at the same place, more details can be seen on the UK Corgi Club Facebook page.