Hi there, thank you for stopping by. I was inspired to start writing this blog because of a wonderful new edition to our family. Winston is a 6 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi born in the English countryside and made the big move to London to live with us. I’m Rachel a London based photographer, mainly working in fashion, behind the scenes and events. Because I’m a freelance photographer I can work mainly from home . Winston was involved in shoots from his very first week at home, luckily enough he was a total natural on set. Mostly sleeping or trying to lick as many fingers and ears as possible!

Winston-Rachel-Oates-81Since  Winston came into our lives I have fallen in love with pet photography. So much so I had to set up his own Instagram to make sure I was not constantly bombarding my friends with photos of him. His profile is @winnythecorgi

I have always been a bit mad about dogs, I grew up in Thailand where my family adopted our first dog Trissie a beautiful and incredibly loyal German Shepherd. Then we got our first puppy a Black Labroador called Jet, I still was quite young when her training was happening so when it came to getting Winston it definitely felt like starting back at the basics!

untitled-346I spent a good 4 years convincing my boyfriend how amazing it would be to get our own dog. From gushing over every dog that we saw, pointing out different breeds, “Ooooh look at that gorgeous French Bulldog!” “Awww check out the ears on that Spaniel!” cooing wherever possible! For him, he’s never had any sort of pet while he was growing up and was probably a little worried about the possible limitations and extra responsiblities. But Winston has definitely melted away all those fears. When we eventually moved to a great location right next to a park the time was right and we started researching breeds. We wanted an intelligent and easy to train puppy but the right size for an apartment. TaDa! A Corgi was chosen! Before we started contacting breeders we went to London’s biggest dog show Discover Dogs to meet grown Corgis and their owners to find out more about their temperament, grooming, care etc.  Winston’s breeders were so lovely and we have remained in contact. I met him first when he was 6 weeks old, and he’s definitely gotten even cuter. What also sealed the deal was that their Kennel Club names were all famous cyclists!

intros1Winston is the sweetest little puppy, incredibly calm with all the new experiences we were throwing his way. He did go through a little phase of nipping ankles, toes and socks but we managed to train that out of him quite quickly. The first 3 months of any puppy’s life is so essential for socialisation and training, so before all his vaccinations were complete he was small enough to fit in a carrier so I used to take him around London with me to get him used to the different smells, sights and sounds. At 6 months he’s an incredibly loving and caring dog, he loves meeting all humans and dogs that come across his path.

This blog will be part photo documentation, silly stories, friends we’ve made as Winston grows up and the joys of having a dog in London.